Today was a good day.

Today was a good day.

A good friend (who is both a friend who is good, and someone who I am good friends with) was visiting following our trip to talk about AzuleJoe the day before.   So we took the day off from our normal cool things to work on and went looking for other cool things in the city.

There are always lots of cool things to do in the city,  even when most of them turn out to be shut (lots of cool things we wanted to do were closed when we looked them up, closed when we got to them, or closed when we phoned them to see if they were open).

However, we did get to have great animal-free morning food at the Gallery Cafe.

2016-02-24 11.40.35

…and we looked around the ‘museum of childhood’ in Bethnal Green. Checked out Brick lane Market in Shoeditch and most important, visited Toy Shops.

We always visit Toy shops. We are big kids at heart and there’s also lots of disability friend things to look at (lots of toys are just showing off some cool bit of cheap science, and they often have lots of other uses).

We went to a very big toy shop that had a very big target range for kid’s toy guns. Big enough that you couldn’t shoot them all in a minute and a half, even if there were two of you (we tried). There were big toy guns and little toy guns, ones with long distance sights, ones with fun ‘clang’ noises. automatic toy guns, semi-automatic toy guns. Toy guns with magazines, double barreled toy guns, toy guns with revolving chambers.  It was like the Matrix of Toy gun shops.  Lots of fun.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 19.33.56

Then we played in the Star Wars area.


2016-02-24 14.09.35

The Lego area, and the Brio area, were we had a small argument over the existence of a Brio mobius loop.

After my friend got her train I had a great time catching up with my other half. Our internet was failing to work so she kept me company while I did some work fixing my office.

Today was a good day.

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