Saturday was a good day.

Today has been a good day.

I already wrote about filling out a form to ask for more money for the Supertitle Project. That was finished and sent today.  I feel good about that (I’m also growing to really love Simple Writer for this sort of thing).

I also spent a little time on the home office, giving it some love. It was always meant to be about learning by getting things wrong (If I had learned how to saw wood the right way at the start then life would have been very different). I’m now spending a lot of time looking at the remaining bits and working out the least bad way of sorting them out. It’s very much my office: every wrong thing is a gift that I can look at and say ‘That’s were I learned that shops give you wood that has yet to dry out’.


In the ‘hard to find the positive’ news, my other half went to an event tonight leaving me looking forward to a quite night in of ‘me-time’ with some code I want to write, some TV to enjoy, and a Spanish class I was due to have over Skype.

Then the house internet broke.  It’s broken so often in the last few months that we’ve lost count, but this is now three times this week.

So instead I settled in and played around with food.  Old peanut butter jar with sweet oats in.I learned that if you put oats, maple syrup, and hot water in an almost empty peanut butter jar, then you can get tasty food… That was good. I followed it up with a pizza that used up other things I happened to have in the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 22.26.01




Things I could have done better today…
Using XKCD’s Simple Writer has it’s bad side.  I did spend 45 minutes looking at funny pictures on the computer after sending the big form.  That’s part of a larger problem:  if I do a big thing in the morning (or any time), I often just drop into full ‘mess around’ stuff.


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