Monday was a good day.

Today was a good day. I played the mad-dash-to-the-train game in the morning (moving your body clock forward so you can be ready for a holiday does mean you take a risk with 10am meetings).

Breakfast of champions-who-have-to-run-out-of-the house-quickly-because-they-are-late-for-an-appointment

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This left me in London for the day while I waited for a meeting at the Shard later on. That was okay –  I had lots of work to do and places I wanted to see. I managed to get a lot of website work done, while hoping between places that had wonderful food and poor internet…

Trying @the_gallerycafe ‘s #vegan ‘pulled pork’ wrap. A photo posted by Joe Reddington (@joereddington) on

…and much more souless places that had reasonable internet and poor everything else. I’m looking at you costa.

I generally avoid email until noon so that I can deal with it in one fell swoop, and today it was full of projects moving forward and exciting things happening. More to the point – my assistant works Friday to Sunday so Monday is a day of looking at the results of her splendid work.  I must admit to a certain about of

“okay, there’s *lots* of different projects in here…and I’m about to go away”

…but I feel on top of things. It’s strange: sometimes you feel like nothing is happening and sometimes you feel like you are cresting a wave.

Hanging out in London I managed to avoid the rest of our home internet problems, and indeed managed to find an ISP that I’d rather give our money to (we’re going to try Zen Internet for anyone interested).

Once at home, I discovered that I’d been sent a Under Armour Gear Macbook Air Case to review.   Given I’m about to spend good proportion of the next few weeks up mountains, that seemed it might lead to a pretty solid review.   Currently my Macbook looks far more like it belongs to Tony Stark than it used to.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 00.17.23

I’m still staying up late in preparation for my trip and tonight I managed to get next week’s Supertitle Prep done in time for next week. (The announcement post is here).



What should I have done differently?

A bit of prep would have reminded me that  I got the time of the apointment wrong this morning and could have stayed in bed longer.  Much more importantly – in a city where I am a member of the British Library, Senate House, and know my way around another half dosen really comfortable places to work – I managed to waste close to six hours of the day in a succession of coffee shops or pubs.  Really poor planning on my part.



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