Tuesday was a good day

Really happy about today. I actually didn’t produce much, but felt like I really changed direction.  First thing this morning I found out that I’m getting a little closer to my target weight – I was 76.3kg this morning and I’m only aiming for 75kg…

Had an morning of thinking too much about all the things I had to do, rather than thinking about the ways I was going to do them.  This is a poor way of working and a much poorer way of having fun. It lasted past my giving-blood-so-better-eat-up-breakfast, and for most of the train ride into town.

I snapped out of it as I stepped off the train – almost like the mental equivalent of having a physio crack the joints in your neck. Suddenly I felt better. I beamed happily at everyone who went past on my way to Blood Giving.


I was giving a talk at King’s later that day and, learning Monday’s lesson, sat in the Student cafe, enjoying good internet, space to work, and quiet (I say quiet, I was listening to music).  I managed to properly wipe out my inbox and also review all of the ‘open threads’ of the past three weeks where I was waiting for a response from somebody.  I’d got out of the habit of properly processing the inbox every day, and it was good to get back into the system.

The talk at King’s was to recruit student volunteers for White Water Writers. Previously we’ve only run this at Royal Holloway or Keele, which are closed campuses – it takes very little publicity to get 60 or so volunteers.  King’s is very different place and the same amount of publicity netted us exactly one person.  More would have been better, but data is good – we’re doing this early enough that we can adjust and put in some more events to attract and train up the next intake of volunteers.

Straight from King’s to a local pub to meet some good friends. Any other day a central London pub after work on a weekday sounds like a bad idea to me, but it was good to catch up and the pub was much quieter (still standing room only) than expected.

On the way there my iPhone shut itself down and refused to switch on, despite being charged – this sounds like a bad thing, but actually this has been a problem that happens every so often and it was really handy that it happened within a short walk of an Apple Store that opens late.  Less handy was that I was told that this is an iOS error and we’re mostly waiting for a software update.  Still, I did get the battery checked just in case and have some things I can do to make the problem happen less often.

On the way home I discovered that running for a train with less blood than normal is a bad idea (the train being standing room only made that worse), but I came home to a station pick up and  lovely warm house. Followed by using my own basil on some pasta.

Things that I could have done better today.

Since I’ve been getting up later, my morning routine has fallen apart.  Some of this is because I’m avoiding setting things up at night in case they wake my other half (who has less flexible work so needs to stay on UK time for longer), but some of it is lack of effort. I’d like to get on top of that. I also should have been a bit better prepared food-wise, if I’d packed some lunches I probably would have been waiting around less, and been slightly less affected by the running for the train.

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