Every day in Vancouver has been good so far…

So we’re in Vancouver. It’s good.


Adjusting the body clock before leaving has been really successfully. I’ve been tired and occasionally a little disoriented – but we’ve been waking up a little early and going to bed early, rather than waking up at 3am and crashing at 4pm.   I’d picked out a 24 hour restaurant called Naam that was a little walk from the hotel for the first morning.  We walked though a wonderful sunrise that I failed to take a photo of, sat next to a lovely log fire that I failed to take a photo of and ordered breakfast.

The only slight fly in the ointment of our planning was that I’d forgotten about the concept of North American portion control.

The food here is astonishingly good and we were stuffed even before we’d got halfway though the plate.  Lovely.

The rest of the morning was spent shrugging off some more of the jet lag in the hotel spa before heading out to pick up some equipment for the rest of the holiday – we both needed to update our outdoor clothing and the prices in Vancouver mean that buying outdoor goods in London and transporting them over is crazy.


The next few days where a riot of interesting things to do and things to eat.

Heirloom had wonderful food (indeed, the best I’ve had in any city for years), and really lovely staff – I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a veggie option in Vancouver.



After taking in the city sights we headed out to Vancouver’s closest (and most famous) mountain: Grouse Mountain.

Technically the hiking trails are closed this time of year, but we pottered up and before long, found ourselves in Narnia.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 15.26.51Although the hiking trails are closed, the Ski place at the top is open, so there is an opportunity for a hot drink and a sit down at the top – this was intended to be a nice light first-of-the-holiday walk for us to test out our kit and generally get our of the city before the conference starts tomorrow.





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