The top 100 productivity blogs!

Today marks a big day for one of the site’s smaller projects. I’m bringing my ranking of productivity sites out of beta and into the mainspace.
As of right now  gives an always-up-to-date ranking (by readership) of the top 120 productivity blogs.
Every 24 hours the code looks at the Alexa readership of each site and reorders the list appropriately. When sites stop posting, their readership drops off and they drop down the ranking.
We’re inclusive – the top sites include shortdistance hacks (lifehacker), mindfull working (zen habits) and fittness, along with sites that focus on a massive range of other content.

I’d like to thank some of the entrants for the support they showed, and the kind messages:

  • “I’m so pleased to see my blog on this list, with some of the biggest blogs of my niche.” Timo Kiander a.k.a. Productive Superdad
  • “Thanks, Joe, for a great idea and I’m now watching the list daily to see where my blog is ranked. I shall have to come out of retirement and start writing some more blog posts to get a higher ranking. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to encourage productivity!” Mark Foster
  • “Honored and humbled to be part of this awesome community of bloggers and personal productivity ninjas. With some of these blogs I actually “grew” in the blogosphere, while others are new and fresh, bringing in a lot of insightful perspective. This is an absolutely amazing resource.” Dragos Roua
The code running behind the scenes is at github as usual. It’s actually substantially different (and more efficient) than the code I use for the disability ranking.


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