16th March was a good day

Today was a good day.   I’ve never seen such an amazing range of fantastic scenery in my life.

We started the morning with breakfast in an amazing natural store in Tofino, and I finally got to take a classic ‘vegans of Instragram’ photo of this breakfast smoothie bowl.

2016-03-16 10.48.14

That’s actually my other half’s food… mine looks like this…

2016-03-16 10.50.14


It our last day in Tofino, so we took a short walk on the very scenic long beach.  The amount of driftwood there is stunning as is the size of it – most of the branches in this shot are too big for me to get my arms around.

2016-03-16 11.26.28


We original drove to Tofino in what I think Canadians call “light rain” and what UK residents call “a bloody hurricane-wait, was that sign about bears?” so we had seen very little of the road.

And what a spectacular road it was. Mountains! Lakes! Everything was stunning.  Bizarely you quickly reach a point were you get jaded by it all.  “Oh another amazing mountain view? With nice-looking trees as well I expect? Yes, very nice…”

2016-03-16 12.18.39

But then of course the scenary changes – we’d decided to take a trip up to the Mountains to try our luck on the snow.  And suddenly we were driving through what appeared to be Narnia….


2016-03-16 19.29.54

Shortly afterwards we got into some tyres and hurtled down a ski slope…

2016-03-16 18.25.20


It was a good day.

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