Thursday the 7th has been a good day

Today has been a good day.
I woke up kind of slow – I’d promised my self than I was going to start the day off properly with an hour of code before anything else and I did.  I followed it up with some more really focused work putting together a funding proposal.
I rarely make time (more truthfully rarely have the inclination) to mount a really focused attack on a body of work, and it’s even more rare that I can do it twice in a row – I made it all the way to noon without looking at anything else.  I’m even more inclined to do the same tomorrow.
T2016-04-07 13.01.25hen lunch made by my talented other half:
and a afternoon of emails and managing people.  I got to leave early today to meet a programmer friend in London, and had some fun finding out about cool things that she was building.  Since I started eQuality Time I’ve really missed talking to other people like me and it was really good to get a bit of a fill up.
On the way home now, and I’m also getting a fill-up on my ‘why I work from home meter’. Train just been taken out of service.
I notice I’ve been walking a lot more now I’ve got my Apple Watch – I presume this happens to everybody, but walking to the station is now a game that makes numbers change on the screen. That appeals to me.

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