18/04/2016 has been a good day

Yesterday was a good day.  Started the day properly – brainstorming with a big old sketch book and writing down all of the tasks that fell out of my subconscious.
I did two hours working at my standing desk in the morning. I’m focusing a lot on my posture at the moment, so a timer goes off every few minutes to make sure I’m standing up straight.
Standing work was good – I fixed a longstanding issue with the TooManyCooks software so that it’s less vulnerable to schools IT networks that tend to have very aggressive caching.  I delved into doing some of the equality time accounts but quickly came back with another list of things that have to be done before I can so that was good.
I managed to make very little progress on medical device registration – ran into an error on login…  Then did a bunch of small finance based tasks before a lovely cracked wheat lunch.
Of course – this is mitigated by the fact that I’m clearly getting ill and have been carrying around a stinking headache all day. Should try and put in some nice relaxing things for the week…
   The evening was a lovely meal at Vanilla Black, which is Michelin recommended.  It’s very much the sort of place to go when you have already eaten, but was good fun for all that.
The menu complains that other vegetarian food is overspiced (the web presence says that others are ‘bland’).
The web and menu both proudly announce “Apologies in advance, no pasta bake or vegetable curry.”,  (apparently ‘Puy Lentil ‘Dhal’ with curry oil’  is something different).
The dishes were creative, certainly. The presentation was extremely good, and aspects of the taste was genuinely interesting. I have no doubt that vanilla blacks fills a gap in the market for those vegetarians that miss ‘fine dining’, but it certainly didn’t fill the stomach.
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