Live notes: version alpha 2 of AzuleJoe

This is a live notes post. It is of very low interest to almost all readers, but I do believe that the more open my work is, the better that work goes.   These are posts mostly written for me, but if you arrived here from a search engine and it looks like I once had a problem that you have now then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll put things into order a little bit.


This post’s target is that a interactive (automatically generated) version of both CK12 an CK20 are available at urls that are equivalent to


#11/05/2016-17:56:27 GMT+1:

Okay, first I’m going to see how the corrected CK20 performs.


#11/05/2016-18:18:01 GMT+1:

Okay – CK20 has corrected images now and I can use it as a major thing. Let’s start the uploads.


#11/05/2016-18:21:54 GMT+1:

I’ve just uploaded the new version and it became clear when linking it up, that the whole page needs to be rewritten.  Now to put it into the github.


#11/05/2016-18:25:57 GMT+1:

Updated the links to pptx templates.




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