AppleCare tourism

So here’s a random cool thing that happened.
I bought my fancy Apple Watch in Seattle, partly because I was celebrating this, and partly because it was cheaper there (I even went in on the afternoon of the Apple keynote, so happily got $50 off.  I picked up the AppleCare because I wanted it, and I was assured that it would be valid in the UK.
Turns out that’s not quite true.
A few months later, entirely through my own fault, this happens.
2016-06-27 14.17.56-1
I pop into the Apple Store and wave my Apple Care around – I’m pretty sure that I only have to pay £50 excess and the the watch is repaired (This is what the internet told me anyway).
Turns out that because I made my purchase in the US… there is no excess, it’s just repaired for free and delivered to my home.  Score.
So if you are taking a trip to the US soon (and I am) this is an approach to take.

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