Record voice messages with Siri

(This is half a hack, and half a ‘why isn’t everyone doing this already’)

One of the most useful things about my Apple Watch is the ability to use it (and Siri) as a ubiquitous  capture device for any thoughts that I’ll want to look up later.

If I say “Remind me to buy batteries”, my watch is all over it.

Of course,  voice recognition only gets you so far.   Periodically I’ve looked at my reminders list, particularly after a long journey, and found that Siri got a little confused and gave me an incomprehensible set of words.


So what I really want is to record a voice memo with Siri.  Lots of people want this.  This approach fails on the Apple Watch and the only app that is  available requires lots of button presses.


The solution is surprisingly obvious.  I call my voicemail.   I have my only number stored in my phone as ‘clue’ and all I need to say is ‘Call clue’, wait for my voicemail, and record anything I want.  It obviously syncs across devices and gives me exactly what I need.

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