Evolving the public todo list

Last year I make a commitment that I was going to make my personal todo list publicly visible,  it got quite a bit of press coverage, which was good for the ego,.

At the time I used a fairly hacky php solution to make the thing work (and to stop other people’s private information, like phone numbers, from being public).

There were a few problems with the setup – and I’ve been able to streamline it a lot recently.  It’s now pretty easy for anyone to use.

  • First thing I did was move to using a gist (update, now a full Github repo) so that it was clear that there were no tricks: the history is public as well as the current state.   (I was inspired by this lifehacker post, although they are using a private one).
  • Second thing was use Private In Public, the chrome extension I developed, to make sure that I could still protect very small sections of the list (mostly people’s name’s or contact details)

You can view the list here.  It’s real and it’s active. You can access it right now and see it change over the course of the day. It remains the most useful thing I’ve done for years and I’m very happy with it.