One day you die falling

“One day you die falling” turns out to be a unique phase on google.  I’ve misquoted it from the original which was:

“I wonder if it’s like this for mountain climbers, he thought. You climb bigger and bigger mountains and you know that one day one of them is going to be just that bit too steep. But you go on doing it, because it’s so-o good when you breathe the air up there. And you know you’ll die falling.”

There’s a thing I’m trying to articulate, which is:

Me has job to do

Life puts obstacles in the way

Me: I’ll never do this

Me: overcomes obstacles, does job

Me: has same job to do again

Life bigger obstacles, less time

Me: Never going to happen

Me overcomes obstacles, does job

(later still)

Me has same job to do

Life: lions, tigers, bears, complete lack of resources

Me: Definitely never happening now, NO chance

Me: well, I did say that last time as well

Life: stuff is now on fire