New development agenda must be disability-inclusive – UN high-level meeting

Meetings at the UN

23 September 2013 – The rights of persons with disabilities must be directly addressed by the post-2015 development agenda, United Nations officials today urged a High-level meeting of the General Assembly, where world leaders pledged to work together on national and international policies that enhance and promote disability-inclusive development.

So there’s a bunch of obvious questions like ‘Where are the actual concrete commitments?’, and even some much darker ones – it’s certainly a struggle to imagine the lives of people with complex disabilities in developing countries where people often struggle with food, clean water and power.

The thing that encourages me about this is that it’s not necessarily about *right now* – maybe this is more about that these are *developing* countries, countries which over the next 20-30 years will make massive changes to their infrastructure – and won’t it be wonderful to have accessibility built in in the start? Thousands upon thousands of buildings will be build and I hope that when they are built, because of processes like this, they’ll be built to be accessible regardless of any disability a citizen might have.

Relevant is this from the UK government site.

Children with disabilities in the developing world will be able to access and use all schools built from now on with direct UK funding, International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone has announced.

She used the High Level Meeting on Development and Disability taking place the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York – the biggest disability rights meeting in 5 years – to call on the international community to tackle the ‘great neglect’ of 1 billion people globally who face unequal access to education, employment, healthcare, social support and justice as a result of disability.





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