The mortifying, but true, ten year plan.

In 2028:

  • I will be completely free of any physical symptoms of stress and will be able to recover any mood with only ten minutes mediation.
  • Nova will trust me.
  • I will have mastered silence, and listening. I will never interrupt because what I say will be worth waiting for.
  • I will have created the professional TooManyCooks. It will win a booker prize. It will dominate the bestseller lists and at least one series will have become a film. It will completely change publishing.
  • Every school in the country will have a White Water Writers camp and kids will fight to be part of the team.
  • eQuality Time will have changed the charity sector. It will be entirely commonplace for all organisations to make all of their processes and projects public.  We will attract hundreds of volunteers and form a tight community.
  • AAC software will all be open source and compatible with each other. The Open Voice Factory will be a key part of the history.
  • I will be sought after for my thoughts on organisations, design, and effectiveness.
  • Kat and I will be a true team.
  • I will have run marathons and triathlons. I will have taken half a dozen hobbies to professional standard.