Recommended Viewing: Randy Pausch

So this is a productivity post – normal service to be resumed shortly…

Portrait of Randy Pausch from wikicommons

Randy Pausch was a Professor in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He did a great many wonderful things – one of which that he regularly gave a time management talk to students. He was given a terminal diagnosis of Cancer in 2007, and died in 2008. He reprised the Time Management talk at the university of Virginia in late 2007 and it’s very much worth viewing.  I’ve recommended this video to every student I’ve taught since I first watched it, primarily for its content – it’s full of excellent practical advice – but also because when a man in that position tells you about time management, you listen.

(As ever, page image from wikicommons)



(Randy has a more famous aspirational video as well, which I also think is good – but I find myself coming back to this one again and again and again)

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