This is now my main space on the internet.

Stock photography for 'directions'

Today I got around to removing my academic homepage, which has been maintained since around 2006 and redirecting the content to this blog.  This blog is now my proper internet home.  I’d certainly advise all academics in a similar position to consider hard the idea of having their personal page hosted well away from any particular university.

I’ve also closed down, which has been active since about 2010. Unfortunately it’s also been fairly static since that time and has always looked a little thrown together. It’s also suffered from being the concatenation of two things that probably shouldn’t be concatenated: the TooManyCooks project which helps groups of people write, and the narrative analysis work that helps people visualise what’s been written.  The recent press we received for the latter convinced me that I need to bring those projects both within this site for at least the time being (and that I should have done this before work started appearing in the news).

(2016 edit: the TooManyCooks project now exists mostly within and the narrative analysis posts became Maps of books)


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