Hate crimes legal review

I’ve been browsing the Hate crimes legal review article on the Law Society Gazette site. Personally I’ve been in two minds about hate crime in general because although I recognise the problem, and I don’t have a better solution, I’m uneasy about legislating what goes on in someone’s head when they commit a crime.

The article gives a good grounding of hate law (and I suspect, professional as they are, they don’t call it ‘hate law’) and, interestingly includes things like

  The Commission has been asked to examine the case for extending the stirring-up offences to cover hatred against disabled and transgender people. Disability and transgender identity are protected characteristics for operational and sentencing purposes, but there are no stirring up offences which apply to them.

It’s an excellent article and it’s well worth reading (the document they are reviewing is available, but a lot less easy on the mind). I see and talk about a lot of examples of disability hate crime and it’s nice to see something that gives  reasonable arguments, for and against a particular proposed solution.

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