Atos Contract recommends offering taxis for Agoraphobia….

Bit of a scavenging post this one – I noticed this turn up on Samedifference’s blog, and even then it dates back some way.

For US readers (who have been turning up more and more recently), we should first give some background….

From Wikipedia:

Following the implementation of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdomwelfare benefits paid to people with disabilities in the United Kingdom are subject to rigorous assessments to determine claimants’ level of disability and ability to work.[32][33]These assessments are known in the UK as a Work Capability Assessment or WCA, and Atos has received extensive allegations of severe distress and also widespread deaths amongst those assessed. Leading charities have demanded the assessment be withdrawn.[34][35]

Today we are going to look at the contract between Atos Healthcare and the Department of work and pensions, it’s dated 2005  and was retrieved as part of a Freedom of Information request made in 2009. It’s worth looking into in detail, partly because I believe people should look at source materials as much as possible, but also because it offers a bizarre range of little insights into the way that some people’s minds work, my ‘favourite’ is this one…

1. Unsuitable for calling to a Medical Examination Centre.

Age >75 years      
Age <12 years
Both Blind and Deaf
Registered Blind (needs to be seen in own environment)
Cases accepted under the Special Rules defining Terminal illness.
Amputation of both legs
Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Autism

2. Reference to Medical Advisor required for advice.


3. Tentatively invite to Medical Examination Centre.

Agoraphobia (offer taxi)
Anorexia Nervosa

4. Invite to Medical Examination Centre.

Alcohol Dependence
Ankylosing Spondylitis

(I limited to just the ‘A’s to save space)

Did you catch it? If you are dealing with someone who is unable to work due to Agoraphobia, then you should still invite them to a medical centre… but you should offer them a Taxi… What a strange view of the world some people have…

In addition to that little chestnut – one of my issues here is that this required a freedom of information request to release… and my thinking is this: why are such things *ever* private? What use does it serve to conceal this from the public?

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  1. Check out European Trade Laws and Decisions by the European Court of Justice on the issue of fair trade. Then obtain a copy of the Booklet they send to all members of the public that are called to these assessments,which you will find is an illegal document banned by Parliament itself as confirmed by Lord Diplock in the House of Lords and a deliberate missrepersantation of the law. Then identify the Taxis that are employed by Atos Health Care and not the public contry to their Booklet they send us in particulatr how these payments are being made from the public purse.
    Furthermore to find the real kicker check out the number of illegal immagrants employed by Otos Healthcare and the racist scum they use when examining White People!

  2. Hi its Thomas again, I forgot to mention the following information you may need to check.
    How-To-Expose Atos & the DHS is to play them at their own game, for too long they have been able to manuiplate the unsuspecting members of the public that they have become so arrogant and stupid that they don’t realise when they are being played. The trick is not to respond too quick.

    However insulting them and really pissing-them-off is highly recomonded and totally protected by Law from;

    the Original Magna Carta to the English Bill of Rights of 1648 to the
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 to the European Convention on Human Rights 1953 supported by The European Court of Human Rights verdicts in Handyside .v. United Kingdom to the English Newest and higest Court .i.e. The Supreme Court in Floord .v. The Times Newspaper.

    Rather than consentrated on the publics scorn which we all feel, at the systematic wrong-doings by Atos Healthcare and Ian Duncan Smith etc “fight fire with fire” for instance:

    The Magna Carta & the English Bill of Rights makes it clear that no one is above the law, a fact that should used more often when dealing with these type of people, in stead of simply criticizing these clowns.

    In other words go back to basics:

    1):- The fundermental principles of English Comon Law is that of Open Justice and of Natural Justice, this includes Public Bodies obligation to the public which is as good a place to start with.

    2):-The last contract that Atos Healthcare had with the Government netted them £800 million pound no to mention their previous contracts,so obviously a lot of Taxpayers money is involved.

    How the Law Stands:

    3):-Obtaining Money by Deception contrary to the Theft Act, consitutes a serious criminal offence on conviction on indectment= imprisonment

    Indisputable Evidence:

    a):-The Contract between the the Government & Atos Healthcare:
    b):-Freedom of Information Act 2000 request to establish the name of the person employed ab Atos who carried out this assessement.

    Which of course should always be sent via Email to the jobcentre & the Information Commissioner & The Parliamentry Healthcare Ombudsman at about 3pm to ensure you get an Automatic Acknowlegment, as there will be no one in the office at that time of the morning to deny receiving it .i.e. the achilies heal of the Government:

    c):-The Nursing & Midwifery Council Registry especially as the law states that no one is entitle to pracitce medicne in this country who has not registred.

    However let a bit of time say some 6-months elaps before checking the Registration and qualification out, in that way you can be sure that the Government have foregotten or think you have simply given up so there will be no further need for them to continue maniuplating the Registry:

    Now if like me and after all this information i have provided you with, you are now able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Atos Healthcare are employing illegal immagrants (racist immagrants at that) to carry out these assessments.Who’s false reports that clearly defy logic & common sence, more so the Medical Information for training purpose publisghed in the Government’s own NHS Website and availabel to our scools simply at a click of a mouse. You now have established yet another criminal offence as follows:

    d):-avaison of libility by deception, contrary to the Theft Act-on conviction on indictment 5-years imprisonment:

    Now the hardest part is to establish Ian Duncan Smiths and your Jobecenter’s involvement, to this end we start with good-old English Civil Law leading up to Criminal Law and violation of Human Rights and inparticular European Trade Laws:

    Contract Law:
    The Unfair Contract Terms Act 19
    The Missrepersentation Act 19

    The all too clear threat that should you refuse to attend these assessments your benefits will be stopped, and to assist you to attend they (not You) provide you with a taxi there and back at no expense to you contrary to their deception in their publish Booklet they send you at the time . This clear establish the foundation of a contract between you and them which has been reconignesed under English Common law since the signing of the Magna Carta of {1215} by King John of England on the 15th day of June and confirmed by the courts themselves.

    Meaning when the Government (and not Atos Healthcare) send you out a letter demanding that you attend one of these assessments conducted by Atos Healthcare, they also send you out a Booklet in referance to travel Expense, which clearly identifies the Department of Works and Pensions involvement i.e. The Jobcenters & their Boss Ian Duncan Smith.
    A booklet itself that has been Band by Parliament (and acknowelged by the higest court of its time i.e. The House of Lords in particular by Lord Diplock in Case-Law: House of Lords:
    Photo Production Ltd .v. Securicor Transport Ltd [1980] AC 827;) having enacted the forementioned Government legislation into law as stated above.

    However not only has this Booklet been prescribed by Law for being ambigous and deliberately deceiving to the public, but it goes even further in establishing a criminal conspirecy by the Head of the Department of Works & Pensions Ian Duncan Smith on who’s authority to publish said booklet cannot be contested to exploit the unemployed Sick to Break European Trade Laws as confirmed in the following European Court of Justice Case Laws:

    Case-Law: Court of Justice of the European Communities:

    Criminal proceedings against Gambelll and Others Case C-243/01:
    (The Times-Law Report-published: December 4,2003):

    Case-Law: Court of Justice of the European Communities:

    Van den Bergh Foods Ltd .v. Commission of the European Communities, Masterfoods Ltd and Richmond Frozen Confectionery Ltd, interveners Case T-65/98:

    Now to all you boys and Girls out there who traveled by taxis to attend these work assessments you now have a legitimate lawsuit which reqires only a copy of this booklet and a letter from Atos and The DHS confirming your attends which we all receive especially when our benefits have been stopped.

    Furthermore since the Government and Atos Healthcare and the Information Commissioner and The Parliamentary Health service Ombudsman and the Justice Ministry conspired to pervert the course of Justice, by withholding this Information from the Public after i had already brought it to their attention via verious E-mails and Attachments.

    Being that the clear intention of withholding this vital information was to prevent the public/victims of this corrupt Government practice of illegal stopping Benfits by deception and knowenly acting on falsified reports by illegal immagrants i.e. the result of Fruit of a poision Tree. Their clear intent was obviously to prevent the Governments and Atos Healcare liability for their abuse of authority in a public office by Corrupt practice air-go establishing a further criminal offence envolving a lot more people with the Government Bodies and the Legal System:

    For the record one dose not need the service of some scun-bag Lawyer to make an application before the High Court for a Judicial Review, only the ability to travel and submit papers is necessary hopefuly that won’t be too long before i can submit my indebt papers which they have all been put on notice.
    However the question is did they receive the acutal papers I intended all along to submitt or was this simply a Lawyers trick to load them down &

  3. I’m currently on ‘indefinite’ DLA and linked ESA, due to be converted/assessed for PIP – I’m physically disabled, also suffer with depression, OCD and agoraphobia, and haven’t been able to leave my home at all for more than two years – how is offering a taxi going to help with BEING AGORAPHOBIC AND UNABLE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE?!!! I’m genuinely worried that my refusal of this ‘offer’ will go against me…

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