Top 20 disability blogs by traffic ranking.


This post contains a list of the top 20 disability blogs by traffic ranking. Before we do the full list, I’m first, like a good scientist, take you though the motive and the method used…

I follow a range of blogs in the disability space, some that post things I aggree with, some that post things I don’t argree with, some for news, some for opinion, and some for political slants on the same issues.

I was interested to know if I was following the same set of sources as everyone else, so I pulled together a list of blogs that are, roughtly speaking, within that space. I collected candidates from three sources: the list of disability links on the (excellent), the article “50-best-learning-disability-blogs” at Zen College Life, and this list at snagglebox.
This gave me a list of 187 blogs (once I removed dublicates), and I wrote a quick script that took the blog url and fetched the traffic rank from Alexa. Alexa isn’t perfect, but it has a reasonable amount of data, so it’s not bad at saying things like ‘there are over 35,000 websites, in the UK alone, that are more popular than MENCAP’ (I found this pretty astonishing and I think it would be increasing to do proper mapping, to see if the charity sector really isn’t taking it’s fair share of internet traffic.

This gave me a sorted list of the 187 blogs (you can actually see the full list, as an excel file, here).

The problem with that list is that it includes a bunch of things that aren’t *really* primarily disability focused…

So if we just look at the top five of that list we can see some problems… 186,921 215,911 224,682 306,637 337,290

Babiesonline is a general family site that has a tag for learning disabilities. The most recent LD post was in 2009, so I’m suspecting that the majority of traffic isn’t disability related… On the other hand – is absolutely a very moving disability blog (I recommend this recent post). is a general purpose parenting site with an ADHD tag whereas is a specialist disability site, and is a parents blog.

I’ve (by hand and personal opinion) weeded out those sites for which I felt that the majority of their content and traffic was not disability related to give you the following list… Also – as this is a list of *blogs* I’ve removed things like ‘companies that get a lot of web traffic anyway, but also happen to have a blog’… (I was 50-50 about mencap because it does a lot of news, but dropped it to highligh ‘bloggers’ rather than organisations).


Name Alexa Rank
1 215,911
2 306,637
3 337,290
4 416,951
5 497,424
6 563,144
7 603,547
8 912,135
9 1,143,369
10 1,178,189
11 1,188,078
12 1,199,623
13 1,201,916
14 1,417,509
15 1,444,554
16 1,874,263
17 1,932,665
18 1,959,116
19 2,514,910
20 2,658,358


Do let me know if there are any obvious ones I’ve missed, this is very much a first draft process that I hope to update… It’s been a really useful exercise for me and I’ve been finding lots and lots of great content :0) One of the interesting things for me was how parent-dominated the list is, relatively few from users, and only one sibling… hmm… (for those who are interested, and I expect nobody is, this site you are currently on would be about 40th in the list… but I suspect that’s largely because I’ve simply not found a lot of blogs…)


Lovely response from people, really nice to see – one of the things that should be stressed is that this is a global ranking, so if we look at a blog that has readership mostly concentrated in one country (Sue Marsh for example, who I very much approve of, has a blog that does require a certain amount of familiarity with UK politics) then it’s going to be read less than the more ‘universal’ blogs like (we should bear in mind, that same difference also wanders into UK politics semi-regularly, so it’s a fairly naunced thing with lots of factors).

What I’ll do, given that I’m a UK person and so are most of the people I interact with, is that when I update this list (I’ll need to, because there are a few people sending me lists of blogs I should have included) I’ll add a UK-blog list.

There are a few interesting things and open questions that have turned up in this that have caught themselves up in my brain. So you may be getting posts on such things as: the dominance of parent, rather than user or sibling, blogs; the ‘differential’ between social media influence and blog readership; the politicalisation of disability blogging in the UK rather than USA; and many others….

2nd EDIT…

Actually it turns out that the Alexa information isn’t regular enough to do a top 20 UK blogs (or even top 20 blogs read in the UK), so this will have to stay as a global list for now.  


40 thoughts on “Top 20 disability blogs by traffic ranking.

  1. I’m not sure traffic is the ideal discriminator given the bloggers I think are influential wouldn’t necessarily make this list on traffic alone. It’s difficult to think of a more important disability blog, in political terms, than Sue Marsh’s Diary of a Benefit Scrounger*, Alexa ranking: Global: 1,412,732 UK 46,721, closely followed by Kaliya Franklin’s Benefit Scrounging Scum, which is surprisingly down at 7,509,322 (surprising given Kaliya’s another who can access cabinet ministers and be heard), Stephen Sumpter’s A Latent Existence actually comes in ahead of DoaBS at 1,247,912, while Where’s The Benefit (a collective effort, with contributions from all of the above and others (including me), headed up by Philippa Willits and Lisa Egan, who has made the Pink List for the past couple of years on the back of this and other efforts) languishes down at 8,952,927.

    For the major Disability protest groups, DPAC ranks Global 1,121,694, UK 128,326, while Black Triangle is Global 1,623,033, UK 108,408 and Spartacus is down at 5,160,311 (which doesn’t really reflect it’s influence, given the original Spartacus Report led to the first defeats for the current government, and its history of consistently dissecting DWP outbursts and deflating them with rigorously researched data).

    Not a blog, but important for keeping abreast of disability related news: Disability News Service, Global 1,045,650 UK: 77,658

    A good source for a wide variety of disability blogs would be the contributors to the annual Blogging Against Disablism day, see for the index page for this year’s contributions.

    * this is far from Sue’s only output, in the last week she’s been interviewed on the BBC News channel, had stuff in the Guardian and is on the Fabians website with a piece challenging their plans for the future spending priorities of a Labour Government, and that’s not an atypical week – like I said, difficult to think of a more important blogger.

    • (Whoops – this didn’t end up in the right place when I posted it earlier – let me try again) I don’t disargree with anything you’ve said. 🙂 Although there are some points I might pop into the post in order to pick up on similar concerns. Thanks for pointing out the BADD list – I should have used this as a source in the first place. Will do some rewriting in the morning…

  2. I don’t disargree with anything you’ve said. 🙂 Although there are some points I might pop into the post in order to pick up on similar concerns. Thanks for pointing out the BADD list – I should have used this as a source in the first place. Will do some rewriting in the morning…

  3. I have had in excess of 1.6m ‘Hits’ on one of my blogs, 360,000 on another, but they don’t count, i.e. ‘hits’ don’t. only genuine one-off viewings count. The rest could be adbots for all we know…. Mine were done without a single use of social media, indeed you cannot link it to social media. I use an American not British aggregate (And because the UK doesn’t HAVE an disability aggregate because they are incapable of running one properly). I have a dual welsh-english blog too, probably the only one in the UK for deaf. No matter how many times you log in you only get 1 hit. I think that is more honest, so I take with a pinch of salt wild claims of millions. Many blogs are good reading in the UK but the specialists and stand alone ones will never make any ‘hit parade,’ since that isn’t the point of them. If you use blogger than it probably has no real way of being picked easily online either.

  4. Do hit parades matter ? it is content that matters. Our access and rights are not some X-factor thing. Personally who has time for celeb chasing.

    • Hi Susan,

      That’s an excellent point – and it’s a lovely website – but I’m not sure it’s technically a ‘blog’ – it’s certainly a much-needed service… but… or have I missed something?

  5. Limping chicken is at Number 5, yet it copied the ATR blog formats, and ATR wasn’t included because it isn’t a dot com but on blogger so, what IS a blog ?

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