Man With Special Needs Awarded $450K In Discrimination Suit.

via Man With Special Needs Awarded $450K In Discrimination Suit – Disability Scoop.

A jury has awarded nearly a half-million dollars to a Texas man who said he was harassed and wrongly fired from his job at the nation’s largest grocery chain because of his disabilities.

Karl Tipple, 25, sued Kroger claiming that a store manager at the Plano, Texas location where he worked repeatedly called him a “retarded idiot” who was “too stupid to live.” Tipple said that the harassment occurred for nearly a year before he was fired in December 2011.

This is, of course, horrific (the abuse, obviously, not the verdict)- and the thing I don’t understand is that it’s stupid as well. If the store didn’t like the guy, then moving him to part time and firing him could all have been done with plausible and believe execuses about ‘quality of work’.

It appears that even in such a lawsuit-heavy place as Texas, nobody believed a man with several learning disabilities was going to take something all the way to trial, or that he would be believed.

I’d be really interested to find out more details about the trial if anyone knows a place online I could find them, and I’d also be interested to know about the process.  I can imagine that many other people in Karl Tipple’s position wouldn’t have got anywhere like as far in the legal system.  Certainly it’s great that this one went all the way to court, but it does make one wonder about the number that never made it.


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