Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Wales

At Communication Matters this year I was approached by a SLT from Wales who had some questions about the Domesday Dataset, and how it applied to argumentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users in Wales. I was mildly confused at the time because, of course, all the data is available at the relevent webpage and can be easily looked up.

When I got home I was mortified to discover, although I’d uploaded all the files (and had sent the full set out to a range of people) I’d accidentally deleted the page text referring to Wales (even worse, I’d made an error during a recent site overhaul and nobody has been able to download *anything* for the last two weeks).

These oversights have no been fixed, so if you are interested in the list of every AAC device purchased by the NHS in Wales since 2005, then head over to the Domesday Dataset page and have a look. The data is available in Excel and CSV in the following format, and includes a link to the original freedom of information request in case people would like to check that I transcribed the data correctly… (I’d like people to check – it improves the integrity of the data)

The data is all released under the relevent open source licences, and for your interest I’ve put together the following (very naive) summary stats:

Local Health Board Number Of Items Spend Population Spend per unit population
Hywel Dda Local Health Board was (Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Local Health Boards) 105 £115,287.93 375,200 £0.31
Cwm Taf 35 £17,905.74 289,400 £0.06
Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University 65 £10,145.89 499,400 £0.02
Aneurin Bevan 22 £49,349.15 560,500 £0.09
Cardiff and Vale University 69 £177,431.36 445,000 £0.40
Betsi Cadwaladr University 166 £61,424.92 678,500 £0.09
Powys 51 £26,662.06 132 £0.20
Totals 513 £458,207.05 2980 n/a


Things that catch my eye are obviously the surprising difference in spend between places like Cardiff and Abertawe, despite them being of similar sizes, I’d love to hear from anyone who has some insight into this…

If you are interested in the methodology behind this – it’s all in this handy peer-reviewed journal paper



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