Personal Transparency

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My life is better the more open I am with information.

I’m big on information. Knowing more about myself, my habits, and the affects of my actions helps me make better choices.

Equally, sharing more of myself, my thoughts and plans, wins and losses, leads to other people making better choices about me: would this be of interest? Is now a good time? Is this a good person for that keynote?

This turns up in several ways on this site:

To-do Lists

As part of a commitment to personal transparency my personal to-do list is publicly and permanently accessibleIt’s real and it’s active. You can access it right now and see it change over the course of the day.  (there was also some press: New York Magazine, Esquire, Lifehacker, The RescueTime Blog, Livehacker (again), Boing Boing, and a large number of places that steal all their stuff from Lifehacker and Boing Boing).

Transparency Tools

I wrote a Chrome extension called Private in Public that’s designed to help people make things public while redacting the particularly private parts.

Some years ago I set up – so that when setting up calls and meetings I could give people my free/busy times and let them pick a free time.

Live notes
I write live notes when working. It helps to keep my attention on a project and means that, when I come back to the project some time later – I know where I was, and what I was thinking at the time. Making them public makes it easier to ask questions,  gives some context when I’m sending in a bug report, and also makes my work easier for people to repeat – I’m moving more and more of my tasks onto other members of eQuality Time at the moment and being able to give them all of the information is important.

Stress Charts
I keep my todo list online. For everybody: the bigger a todo list gets and the older the tasks are, the more stressed people get. I have some code that charts the size of the list so that I, and everybody else can get a good look at my stress levels.


It’s a little old right now, but I’ve previous done things like talk about payment and put up my payslip online.