I’m sorry


A friend passed away recently. She was a an astonishingly cheerful and nice person. She kept in contact, she followed her dreams and didn’t have an ounce of guile in her.  I moved away and only a little while after I did, she met a guy, married him, started a business, and had a beautiful baby boy. About a month […]

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Project Doghouse: stage 1

2015-12-09 11.12.00

I’m building a home office.  I’m a programmer by training so it’s being build in iterations. This is the first iteration. The original site looked like this: A six foot by four foot potting shed, in a six food by eight foot space. First step, is obviously demolition… I’d bought a new, basic, shed, online, and was so incredibly unimpressed […]

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Lego and disability

Lego Pirate, from https://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76/5687502417/in/photolist-9EzWjv-kxWDYe-djBot9-9BceTU-9Bce6Q-9B9m7p-9B9kyH-dT7kSW-9BcbrS-dxJuH7-9Bcdzo-9BcbBS-9Bcevq-9HjFWM-dXDd5A-7hnL2b-dXejWG-j2QZg1-8AnaXJ-dWZyMe-b5ipxB-o8zkrc-dXorHp-8vWmZd-b7bA22-dWT7Gx-7FgyMx-8CciBV-dUJjDb-8vbFn9-b5Xj8B-8vTeiH-7FksoY-8vWnom-7FgyJp-qQYjzc-7hiNCe-kGG3sC-aC8QWU-jMysii-5enNH2-oVyq7-8vbEZf-4UAU46-daJRmj-dXdwon-dipwjY-dxD3Hg-7FgyKF-7FgyKc via creative commons...

So I read this:   But for all the mini-figures in the world, Lego does not produce a single one with a wheelchair or a disability. …in the Guardian, which really should know better.   Of course, like most people of my generation, I immediately thought of this:     Also this excellent reddit build from a little while ago… […]

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