In early 2017 I wrote a blog post detailing I how got my Apple Watch to give me historical sleep information. It was useful and I ended up giving a talk about it at my local quanitifed self meeting up group.

It was always a faff getting the data off my phone and into the code so I spent some time moving it to run on the phone itself using Pythonista

This was the result:


  • I used this repository
  • This branch:
  • And wrote my as-it-happened notes on this Github issue(with 'what to do next' plans.
  • It was very clear that the most comfortable way of doing code on the phone was with a Bluetooth keyboard, and possibly with a HMDI output device. Between Pythonesta and an ssh client, I'm happy with the concept that I could leave my laptop at home next time I'm going on a work trip.