I'm writing a book about memory

Memory Palaces

My current large project is a non-fiction book. I'm writing about memory, here's my abstract:

People into mnemonics and computer science both attack the same question: how to I structure this information in the most useful way? Every technique in mnemonics has an equivalent in Computer Science, but the reverse isn't true: in this book I show how a range of techniques developed for computers apply to mnemonics, how they improve on the state of the art, and how they can be used for incredible long-term personal memory.

It's got the working title 'Advanced Memory Palaces' and I intent it to be the second book that a person reads on improving their memory.

The first three chapters are currently with beta readers, and the cover artist has been given her brief. My goal is to get it onto Amazon by the end of May, but I appreciate that might be a bit tight for revisions.