It has been accidentally two weeks since I did a gratitude so this post ended up being rewritten three times in the first few hours it was up.

Top of the list is that Leo is doing much better, has been unplugged from most things and has ticked various boxes. We think it’s probably still a couple of weeks before he comes home but slow and steady is fine by me.

I’m grateful for a running buggy, for wonderful hugs with Nova. For being able to go in cuddle Leo twice more. For take out food, and stay in food and randomly posted food. For nice walks in the sunshine.

I’m grateful for calls from Richards House, watch parties, copious amounts of tea and Disney movies. I’m grateful for our friends, more than ever. Even the ones we haven’t called: it does so much to know you are there.

I’m grateful for family DIY with Nova (she gives everything a bonus hit with her little hammer)

Edit: I feel like I didn’t write this well. Let me start again.

I am grateful. I am grateful for sunshine and for breezes from open doors. I’m grateful we had quite so much food in the house that I haven’t had to go the supermarket for weeks. I’m grateful that Nova is putting up with me running a bit out of parenting ideas. I’m grateful for friends who look after Nova (and give her the time of her life) so I can sit in a park with Kathryn and just be there. I’m grateful for fuel in the car and money in the bank and feeling safe from so many things. I’m grateful that I could spend a couple of evenings just watching TV and not feel too guilty and for time snuggling up with Nova to watch a film. I’m grateful for hardwood floors (Nova is potty training) and padding pools and for learning the names of the trees. I’m grateful for the occasional run with the running buggy and for patient people all around me.