It’s been a crappy few days (Honestly I think that’s true for all of us). There’s been some deaths in the extended family, and various other things have been horrible. I’ll feel a bit better by focusing on the things I do have. So: bonus midweek gratitude. I’m grateful for small moments of self awareness - today I realised I was holding something in, then realised why and then spent quite a long time sobbing it out. I felt much better afterwards. “emotionally constipated” is probably the phrase that best describes the last few days. I appreciate that’s terribly vague - I’ll write it up properly sometime in the future.
I’m grateful for cookie deliveries, and indeed, various deliveries of chocolate. I’m grateful I have people I can ring up and sob at, dump Nova on, or demand attention from. I’m grateful that Nova enjoys her climbing harness and new helmet - and that we’ve had lots of fun with them in the garden.
I’m grateful potty training is going well, or at least that we don’t have many carpets, and that the sofa covers are washable. I’m grateful for a rare but nice long chat with one of my uncles - it tells you everything you need to know about both him and me that we had quiet a long diversion discusing the various UK churches that have both a tower and a steeple. I’m grateful for the people who’ve sent me jokes, particularly when I’ve successfully passed them on to other people. I’m grateful for my timeline (that’s you lot) - it may be an echo chamber but I’m seeing so many people offering help, trying to be a force of good for the world, and generally being aware - there isn’t many people to fight with. That’s a privilege in every sense. I’m grateful for getting DIY ticked off - we’ve now got bathroom locks and blinds. I’m grateful for random helpful coders who fix bugs I’d forgotten about. I’m grateful Leo is okay. He isn’t home yet, which sucks because he’s a month old today, but he will come home, and it should be soon.
I’m grateful for my mum. It’s relatively recently I’ve realised how rare it is to have parents that you can argue with, be totally honest with and rely on completely - I’m valuing that more and more as I get older; it’s always been easy to have the hard conversations - I want Nova and Leo to feel that about me.