I missed last week because I’d messed myself up - I did a therapy session and something cracked in me. It’s for the best and is already helping but I had a very rough emotional few days while it settled down.

So, I’m grateful for warm beds, safe houses and the glorious glorious moment when my son did his first social smile.

I’m grateful that Leo’s weight has held steady - that was a release for all of us. Helpfully this has meant we’ve been able to be much better about spacing out feeds, reclaimed a tiny bit of sleep and got the kids into sync a bit more. Hopefully we can hold it together.

I’m grateful for that wonderful time between 9pm and 1am last night when the rest of the house was asleep and I got to do some enjoyable creative work all to myself. I’ve been generally inspired this week - my book has suddenly grown by about a dozen pages and I know where I can find a dozen more.

I’m grateful for having ideas on walks and for waking up to rain on the windows. I’m thankful for flying kites and baking cakes and dancing in the kitchen.