I’m grateful for adventure! All four of us in the same car for the first time ever! It was only to a local nature spot with stepping stones over a stream (pictured) but it was an adventure, with packed lunches and everything (admittedly also including stopping off at Monstera Canteen on the way home for more food, so thank you there).

I’m grateful for running around in the rain with Nova making bubbles. I’m grateful that I came to my senses a bit this week. I’d had a little bit of victimhood infect me recently, lots of ‘I can’t do that because I’m tired and I’m tired because I’ve got kids’. That’s not really me and it melted away quite a lot once I looked at it properly. Everything has been much more lovely since then.

I’m grateful for Kathryn Cooper - mostly for just being who she is, but this week particularly for taking the camera off me - so there’s now lots of photos of me with the kids and she’s taken some amazing ones of Nova which I’ll let her put up herself. I’m grateful for video calls, being able to be totally transparent with my family, comedy sibling moments and time to cook things. I’m grateful I didn’t fall in the stream.
I’m grateful for early mornings, cinnamon squirl and trying new foods.
I’m grateful for making plans with friends and for a general optimism about seeing people again.