It’s been a very positive week.

Thank you to my mum and dad, who visited and made sure we all had a lovely time. Thank you to the person who sent a knitted unicorn for Nova - it was so well produced that I wouldn’t have believed it was homemade if you hadn’t sent the wool details as well.

I’m grateful that Leo has been taken off the elaborate medicine he was given for post-operation Stuff. I’m pleased to be celebrating two friends getting new jobs.

I’m deeply pleased to find out that barbecuing a whole pineapple is AMAZING: everyone should be doing it. In general I’m very grateful for being about to sit out on our patio peacefully with Kat and digest the day. Oh and orange scones.

I’m grateful that I’ve started to find regular slots to sit down at the Computer and Get Stuff Done (which means my book is in a better shape than it was a week ago. I’m grateful for new running shoes and new running routes.

I’m grateful for seeing Hannah and Oscar this week, and that the weather has stayed in the narrow range where a) we can entertain people in the garden and b) I don’t melt entirely.

I’m grateful that Nova and I have a show we watch together, that she asks for me to make up bedtime stories for her, and for how excited she was for a family trip to the traffic lights.