My big project for the day was to rearranged my office. I’ve moved in front of the window so I get better lighting for video calls, freed up some space and, most importantly, got myself back into a `working’ mode.

Some notes:

  • The cheapskate’s water cooler on the right turned out to be an excellent idea
  • The mouse is on a cord because that helps me use the phone less (the phone is locked in drawer and the key is on the end of the mouse cable; that’s probably another post)
  • The Powerline adapter is to solve a persisent problem with my wifi - the router is no more than two meters away but my desk machine has a great deal of problems connecting to it.

The long term plan is to convert the room into an office/grown-up room. We’ve ceeded control of the rest of the house to the children so it would be nice to put a sofa and movie projector in here for ‘date night’: the combination of a newborn and lockdown does suggest that it’s worth planning for indoor dates.

Short term plans/ideas include:

  • Clearing out all the junk that’s outside the frame of the photo
  • Putting a larger top onto the filing cabinate so it can be used as a table.
  • A better desk chair.
  • A set of speakers.
  • Automated (or at least remote control) blinds