I’m grateful for leaving quiet space for Nova to speak in. I’m grateful that she literally just brought a bowl of cake mix into my office for us. I’m grateful that therapy works. I’m grateful for ticking off work jobs, and personal projects, and the occasional bit of DIY.

I’m grateful that Leo has started to roll over, to grasp things in his little hands and to smack me around when I’m trying to drink tea. I’m grateful we don’t have carpets downstairs. I’m grateful for presents from Kat, for re-reading old books (A Closed and Common Orbit), for time spent away from my phone.

I’m grateful to trips to the trampoline park with friends, for boardgames won and lost over the internet. I’m grateful for crappy films, great films and the occasional alright film.

I meant to thank everybody who has ever sent my kids a cuddly toy - I think of you every time I crush a multitude of them in order to read to one of my children.