This boy was was six months old yesterday. We celebrated with cake. Leo had some banana. Getting him started on food was pretty harrowing for me because it’s bowel related and I’m a bit scared of putting any sort of load on him that way. But he handled it like a champ. I haven’t done gratitude for a couple of weeks. That’s largely because I keep falling into the trap of thinking ‘well it’s been a shitty few days, I’ll do it tomorrow because events will have perked up a bit by then. They very much have not, and, indeed, the point of doing this is to find the positives in otherwise dark weeks. So. Gratitude! I’m grateful that Leo took his food like a champ, that we celebrated his little milestones. I’m humbled by the support and aid I’ve felt from so many people this week. I’m grateful for take out food, and long-awaited showers. For walks in the hills, I’m grateful for a rare few episodes of junk TV (Arrow, for those interested). I’m grateful for online courses, impulse Amazon purchase, fixing doorbells, I’m grateful for Kat, and for all my family. For Facetimes with Richard Putting a toddler seat on my bike was gorgeous fun with Nova and trying it out was deep terror. Like, I genuinely think I was less nervous during her birth. I’m grateful for a gentle couple of work weeks - everything was fun, successful, or handled by wonderful people for me. Leo in a bumbo chair on the table