I’m grateful for a solid night’s sleep. For installing air-con (it’s either extremely early or deeply late), for Nova’s absolutely faith that I can fix everything. I’m grateful for family trips to the park, for walks on the hills. For cookies cooked in frying pans, for making pancakes out of leftovers and for banana bread that tried to escape. I’m thankful for people sending funny pictures and for lovely energising phone calls with people who run riot with ideas. I’m grateful that I do so little zoom that each one feels like a little treat. I’m pleased that I have three separate people I get to curl up with in front of the TV, even if I only have my glasses on 50% of the time. I am obscenely pleased every time that Nova tells me off for something we tell her off for. I’m grateful for having the occasional difficult conversation and taking the occasional nice photograph.

Nova and leo at the table