For my own personal amusement I try to use the mouse as little as possible during the working day. You could, I suppose, make the argument that it’s more efficient to do everything by keyboard shortcut, and I suppose it is, but it’s far less of an efficiency gain than a hundred other things I could do.

I approach this quite sportingly. I use whatpulse to keep track of the ratio of keystokes to mouseclicks over time, and spend a certain amount of fascinated time looking up obscure shortcut keys of all types.

Here’s a recent Whatpulse report, you can see I don’t make much of an effort:

Professionally, I do also have a general interest in keyboard control of devices from a accessibility perspective, but I should be clear that my main motivation is a general playfulness (I won’t deny that it’s useful to have a good working knowledge of what sites and organisations are good for accessibility, and it feels good to support them)

With this motivation, I’m put together a short Python script recently that lets me quickly arrange mouse clicks via the keyboard. It was a nice little project for the Christmas break. You can find it here.