Leo in Space Suit

Specifically my 161th weekly gratitude post (It’s probably slightly less because a few weeks go missed here and there). Gratitude!

(I did this photo with Nova at a similar age, so it might look familiar)

I’m thankful for a lovely Nova birthday. For snowballs, snowmen, snow angels, making an ice-rink and generally running around in the snow. Thank you for a lovely engagement balloon, for beautiful embroidery for Leo’s room, for Nova’s lovely gifts (particular hits were the remote control car, the roller skates and Sylvanian Families). I’m proud of Nova for doing the big slide on her own.

I’m thankful I got to carve a lot of time out this week for doing book work: you can tell it’s nearing the difficult bit because I keep getting strong urges to start entirely different projects. I’m grateful for exercise, ball pit baths, Leo loving his trike to bits, dancing before bathtime, building towers with megablocks, a clean house, meeting new people, night time running, sending off funding bids, a clean house, Nova being super cute, fancy candlelight takeaway, a permissive attitude to spelling, and RICHARD GETTING A VACCINE.