Note: my food posts are notes for my own interest, this isn’t intended to be a cookery blog - particularly because some of the receipies end in disaster

Today I’m cooking Cauliflower Katsu Curry. I’ve made seiten Katsu Curry before but that was in a frying pan, this is my first time trying it in an oven.

Picture of Vegan Katsu Curry



  • No oil in the baking try
  • I battered the cauliflower and then roasted for 35 minutes in the baking oven of the Aga. 40 would have been better. In fact, I think that I would like to try roasting first and then doing the breadcrumbs in the pan
  • 600ml of sauce turns out to be slighly too much for the family. 300 was too little last time.
  • I used this much cauliflower: A baking tray with breaded cauliflower on it

In general I think breaded cauliflower didn’t work that well: I really want some protein under the breading. Looking at the photo - I definitely wanted some colour, and I should have looked at the internet a bit first to get the idea of plating. Also a wider aperture because my depth of field is far too small.