Photo of family wearing bunny ears

I am grateful I am still here. I took some time to think about the year we’ve had as a family, and I am grateful I’m still standing up.

I’m grateful for unburdening my soul - this week I’ve been shared with people some of my deeper fears, silliest dreams and most embarrassing moments and I feel better after each one.

Something that’s small and silly and also magical and wonderful is that Nova and I have started playing through Shining Force together (yes, the 1994 Mega Drive game, ‘no expense spared for my kids’ ect) and it makes my heart sing how much she enjoys it. This morning she refused to go to the childminder until we’d confirmed plans for playtime.

I’m grateful for outdoor walks and long baths and letting go for a couple of days. I’m pleased I’ve nearly broken the back of the accounts. I’m grateful that are maternal duck has apparently started sitting, even if I couldn’t get a webcam sorted.