Gratitude! Here is an incomplete list of some of the many people and events I have to be grateful for this week. Leo walked! Repeatedly and properly. I would put up the video but I like this photo much better. I am grateful for his little legs and big grin. I went to a party! That was very strange. it was deeply wonderful to be invited and to see if I could remember how such occasions worked. I couldn’t, but had a good time anyway. Also managed to take Nova to soft play, which is very fun and quite a lot of exercise for both of us.
It was also wonderful to get text messages from a guidechild’s new phone even if that does mean that they are logically much older than I think they are. I emailed previous Flowers For Turing donors this week and I was deeply moved by some of the replies, and I’ve enjoyed continuely poking at various mertics to improve the website. I even set up an A/B test today which I’m disproportionately proud of. I took Tuesday off and spent it with sketchbooks in cafes and going climbing. I have missed both of those things very much even if COVID has made them feel a bit sad and cold. I’m now missing more skin than I would like but I have reason to be grateful to Kat who helpfully packed plasters into the car glove box. I was immensely cheered to find out that I apparently owned about $800 of bitcoin. That was a fun bonus on the week. I’ve enjoyed trips to the park, and a slightly slower pace of life this week.