What am I grateful for this week?

  • Leo learning to use the slide all by their own self. Admittedly, the slide is now back in the garden after Leo learned to stand up on the top of it as well.
  • Nova riding their bike all the way to nursery and back for the first time.
  • Time and emotional energy to watch a really good time.
  • Chippy Chips (and the fact that Nova calls shop-bought bread ‘chippy bread’ because that’s the only time their mum lets them have it)
  • Family swimming in a new pool (shallow enough that Nova could touch bottom).
  • Kat’s cookery experiment
  • Taking Nova to the trade desk of a builder’s merchant in exactly the way my father took me.
  • Doing literally everything on my work todo list. First time I’ve done that in about six years.
  • Getting better at making ice-cream

Picture of the kids on a slide