Gratitude! First one since the 21st!

I’m grateful for Kat who is always lovely and brings me tea. I’m grateful for Nova and her relentless hunger for new and interesting things like football and baking and drawing and dancing and learning.

I’m grateful for Leo - we’ve spent a lot of time together recently and it’s been wonderful to hear more and more different words, watch more and more independence and hear more and more giggles. Also it’s simply nice to go on a walk together around town and settle in for a monstera lunch like I used to do with Nova.

Big thanks to my voice-actor people! I don’t have you all to tag so I’ll just have to yell it into the void.

Thank you to Ben and Hannah for being a highlight of my week, and for letting me rant about all the things I’m interested in when anybody else would have wandered off bored.

I’m grateful for time with hobbies! I played with locks, edited a photo for the first time in ages and did some excellent cookery. All instead of what I would normally do which is scroll my phone in a quest to reach the end of the scrool.