Every week since late 2018 I’ve listed the things that I’m grateful for. I’ve missed some weeks, delayed others, but it always makes me feel good to stop and think.

So things I have been grateful for this week:

😊 Family hiking up Warden Hills (and sliding the kids down on their backs) 😊 giggling children running around Aldi 😊 trying recipes that I did badly years ago and finding them much easier and nicer (and faster) 😊 Nice Lego playing with Nova and helping arrange Nova’s new shelves 😊 Nova doing the zip on Leo’s jacket in full big sister mode. 😊 Trampolining as a family treat 😊 Eating chips in the car.
😊 Leo ‘leveling up’ - more words, more communication, more sentences and more personality. 😊 Nice time spent with Kat in the evenings 😊 A tidy garage

Kat and Leo in the hills