Picture of the kids playing


I’m grateful for beach trips, spontaneous ‘screw it, I’ll amuse the kids for 40 minutes while you pack the car’ beach trips, where we build sandcastles and run around and the little kiosk sells three different vegan ice-creams.

I’m grateful to a friend who, mentally if not literally, saved our lives this week to another who was the right person at exactly the right time and to all the people who have accepted rescheduled events, renegotiated agreements, and unreplied text messages.

Other things, on broadly time-order

  • The cinema! and a film I could get my teeth into!
  • being in a second hand bookshop without my children or a pressing engagement.
  • Making pancakes for dinner with Leo and my new whisk
  • Nova’s super-swimming.
  • Friends getting cool job offers.
  • Reading and cuddling with Leo
  • Playing with new keyboards
  • sunny days in the garden
  • ticking off some more audio commentaries on my list of films to watch.
  • Nova pulling Leo around in the laundry basket