Nova dressed to swim


This week I’m grateful for…

Baking my own bread! No-kneed bread in fact. This is actually a mini-gratitude inside the bigger ‘having energy to do my science of fermentation course’, which I’m extremely pleased by. Kat is less pleased to keep hearing facts about yeast.

Getting to go to the wonderful wedding of Hannah and Calum. As a bonus - it was super-lovely to see Leo decked out in formal wear and to get some nice pictures of us all together.

I was very thankful this week to get some nice messages about my book from some Serious Mnemonics People - particularly because I had been a touch combatitive about the Serious Mnemonics People when I wrote the damn thing…

I’m grateful for a week of DIY - we’ve now got a super-awesome electric blind that will help keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. Also taps have been fixed, nails been happened, bolts tightened and other little bits sorted.

I got a lot of time with the kids this week due to illness - and it was so nice to be able to make the best of it in all sorts of ways.