Things I’m grateful for this week!

two children in a sandwich

  • Playing new games with the kids (pictured, the kids pretending to be a sandwich filling)
  • Bonus Father-son day with Leo, including lots of going up stairs and down lifts, reading stories in the library, lunch at Monstera and
  • Sunday morning parkrun with Nova.
  • Nova’s birthday party! 15 four and five year olds and their parents decended on our house for a few hours on Saturday and it was wonderful fun - there were games, treasure hunts, face paint, discos (the advantage of being obsessive about blackout curtains is that it’s really easy to turn a room into a nightclub) and of course presents and a lovely cake.
  • A much improved garage - Kat and I have been binning, donating, and tidying and the garage is increasingly a nice place to spend time.
  • An afternoon building Lego with Nova
  • A decent night night’s sleep
  • Spending time in a couple of wonderful schools this week: Nova’s as a parent Governor and a 6th form down the road.