I’ve been keeping a weekly list of things I’m grateful for for the past 270 weeks, and it’s been a wonderful exercise in focusing on the positive aspects of my life. Here are some of the things that made me feel grateful this week:

  • Dealing with a deceptively stressful work thing. Shouldn’t have been stressful but was.
  • Finding an uncashed royalty cheque in a drawer.
  • Fixing a table and a chair with my freshly organized woodworking tools.
  • Visits from the wonderful Clare Wills and family.
  • My awesome new chair! I should do a post about it.
  • Enjoying Duolingo.
  • Nova being super excited when they brings something they’s proud of home from school.
  • Family meal out! Our first one as a four (NOT counting holidays) - surprisingly good vegan options at Pizza Hut.

I’m excited for my first live stand-up comedy in ages this weekend, and an extraordinarily busy two weeks coming up.