I took a photo of a bird.

A bird of prey, possibly a kestral


This week I’m grateful for perfect weather at Legoland and two kids who were good as gold with queuing. I’m also super-thankful that both kids were also good as gold while Kat went away for a week last week. I’m massively grateful to the Flowers for Turing donors - in the first 24-hours we’ve raised over £500, which normally takes us a week.

I’m grateful that Leo is doing a lot more talking (I got “No NOT poopoo, that’s a cat” the other day) - it makes everything a lot easier when you can work out what the kid is telling you/angry about.

I’m pleased with the photo because it’s literally the first one I have that can be called nature photography. I took it while sitting at a park bench with my family, but I didn’t have the presence of mind to increase the shutter speed to get a sharper image.