Leo with playdoh

Gratitude. So I started doing these on a whim - they’ve been really good for me. When I’m only half-engaging with them they have a tendency to turn into ‘a list of places Joe has had hot chocolate’ but when I’m doing it properly it involves introspection and embarrassment and venerability. It’s also a low bar: being thankful for something is a long way from misery but it’s only halfway to joy. I’d like to be sharing more of what I’m excited about, more of what I’m looking forward to, and more of what I’m living for.

This week I went to a lovely birthday party (on my own!). I set up my new PS4 in my ‘gym’ and I was really excited to play. I managed to watch a film that was emotionally challenging and I’m proud of myself. I got a lovely email from someone I worked with 15 years ago. I’m preparing to give a talk at a conference, which is one of my favourite things and I got to stop around London and have a delicious dinner with a friend from Seattle.

Everything has been lovely.